December 16, 2015

The Songs

Many old songs, many old stories… where to begin? The Mission Songs Project song collection is currently around 30 songs, here are a sample of the collection:

THE IREX – Composer Unknown

Lets start with the first song that triggered the Mission Songs Project, The Irex. ‘The Irex’ was the name of a boat that used to transport Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from the mainland of Queensland over to Palm Island. Read more about the Irex here…

MIDDLE CAMP – by Eric Craigie

The we travel south of the border to Moree, NSW. The song ‘Middle Camp’ was written by Eric Craigie (Dec), this song was collected on the 21st of May 2015 from Chris Sullivan as part of the Mission Songs Project research.

OLD CAPE BARRON – Composer Unknown

This is an old song from Cape Barron Island, TAS, which was an Aboriginal reserve from 1881. The version included into the Mission Songs Project was by Ronnie Summers.